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strawberry lime in the coconut

{Strawberry} Lime in the Coconut Smoothie

Need a little bit of the tropics in your life? This smoothie has your name on it! A delicious combination of strawberries and lime with a hint of coconut–perfect for the warmer days ahead!

Strawberry Poppyseed Mason Jar Salads Panera Copycat @ Ya Gotta Have a Hobby

Strawberry Poppyseed Mason Jar Salads

This week’s mason jar salad is inspired by Panera Bread’s salad of the same name.  The only difference is I’ve upped the health factor by making the dressing a little lighter and added quinoa for protein.  This salad is packed full of fresh fruit and produce–blueberries, strawberries, mandarins, and pineapple, and topped with a creamy strawberry poppyseed dressing. So good!

Easy Turkey Picadillo @ Ya Gotta Have a Hobby

Easy Turkey Picadillo

Ground turkey has become a staple in our household, and I’m always looking for creative ways to cook it.  Enter Cuban-style Picadillo! This amazing recipe is a little bit sweet, and a little bit salty, and a whole lot of yum! It’s super easy and will go really far–use it as empanada filling, taco filling, or over brown rice.

Mexican Chicken Quinoa Bake @ Ya Gotta Have a Hobb

Mexican Chicken Quinoa Bake

This week, I decided to do something a little different than my standard mason jar salad for lunch.  Instead, I baked up this easy quinoa and chicken casserole, packaged it up in foil pouches, and took that to work each day instead.  This casserole is packed full of veggies like spinach and tomatoes, as well as protein–with both quinoa AND poached chicken.  I’m also sharing my easy poached chicken method in this post–you don’t want to miss this simple way to cook chicken healthfully and easily!


cold kicker

The Cold Kicker Smoothie

Being a school teacher, I get exposed to germs on a daily basis.  After catching something particularly nasty just before Spring Break, I did some research on common fruits and other ingredients that have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.  I combined all those ingredients together in this DELICIOUS concoction, which I call “The Cold Kicker” smoothie. If you’re fighting a cold or other icky germ, this one is DEFINITELY for you!

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vanilla strawberry blueberry flax

Vanilla Strawberry Blueberry Flax Smoothie

I’m trying to incorporate everything healthy into my diet that I can this year–including flax! I found an amazing Golden Milled Blueberry Flax at Trader Joe’s and created this smoothie especially to use it.  Give it a try–I think you’ll love it!



Mango Black Bean Mason Jar Salad with Quinoa and Honey Lime Vinaigrette

Introducing my absolute favorite mason jar salad (until next week that is)! I love the flavor of mangoes with salad, and this dressing is out of this world.  In the center of this salad, you’ll find a deconstructed guacamole, which stays fresh thanks to layering.  Yum!


Easy Thai Ginger Lime Soup

If you’re looking for something light and healthy that will warm you up on a cool Spring night–this soup is the perfect solution.  I love Asian flavored soups, but I’m always leery of the calories and sodium.  This one is not only tasty, but super healthy, with the addition of poached chicken, scallions, shredded carrots, mushrooms, and spinach.  Rice noodles not only make this soup complete, but make it GLUTEN FREE as well! It’s a win-win no matter how you cut it.

berry oat breakfast

Berry Oat Breakfast Smoothie

A blender full of frozen berries and rolled oats makes for a filling, healthy, and delicious breakfast! This smoothie is one of my favorites–it keeps me full for hours and I get a big serving of fruit for the day.  Great way to start your morning!

spinach almond berry green smoothie


Spinach Almond Berry Green Smoothie

If you’re looking to incorporate green smoothies into your diet, this one is a great “starter” green smoothie! I’m always looking for ways to incorporate more iron into my diet, and this one is perfect.  It’s packed with spinach, but hidden inside the sweet taste of berries and almond milk. Delicious.

Gluten Free Protein Pancakes with Vanilla Almond Butter & Strawberries


Easy Gluten Free Protein Pancakes with Strawberries & Almond Butter

In my quest to eat healthier, I’ve been searching out alternatives to some of my favorite foods.  These easy pancakes are amazing–they’re packed with protein thanks to cottage cheese and protein powder, AND they’re completely grain free! I love topping them with strawberries and almond butter for extra flavor and nutrition.  They’re super quick and ready in just minutes–perfect for a Saturday morning!

Lemon Meringue Pie Smoothie @ Ya Gotta Have a Hobb

Lemon Meringue Pie Smoothie

If you’ve got a craving for something sweet, but don’t want to completely blow your calorie intake for the day–this smoothie is for you! Just a little something I created to satisfy my sweet tooth without going completely overboard.  It tastes just like lemon pie!

Copycat Lightened Up Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana


Copycat Lightened Up Zuppa Toscana from Olive Garden

I love the Zuppa Toscana soup at Olive Garden; my waistline, however, does not.  A few weeks ago, I was craving some delicious, hot soup, and decided to “healthify” one of my favorite dishes ever.  This one benefits from the use of turkey sausage, a whole lotta kale, and just a little cream.  So delicious!

strawberry lemonade aloha

Strawberry Lemonade Aloha Smoothie

This Jamba Juice knock-off is just absolutely delicious and perfect for the first day of Spring! It will have you ready for warmer weather and flip flops in no time!

Winter Citrus Mason Jar Salad with Green Apple Vinaigrette

Winter Citrus Mason Jar Salads with Green Apple Vinaigrette

This mason jar salad is one of my absolute favorites! It’s hearty, filling, and full of citrusy goodness!


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