Chateau St. Michelle Wines at DryBar

Disclosure: We were hosted by DryBar and Chateau St. Michelle Wines for this event, but as always, all opinions are 100% our own.


Michelle’s note: Please welcome my sis, Ange, for today’s post! 

I’ve always been a super fan of Riesling, especially the kind that goes with chocolate cake. So when Chateau St. Michelle Wines invited YaGottaHaveaHobby to their Riesling event, we were of course, excited to say the least. Not to mention, the event was being held at Drybar, one of our favorite spots in LA to get an amazing blow out! Double bonus!


The evening began with a glass of Rose and a cheese platter that was placed so perfectly, you felt guilty about rummaging around in the prosciutto. I was then brought over to my stylist, William, who would be giving me the “Dirty Mai Tai” (i.e. the messy version of the messy beach wave style) blowout. If you’ve never been to Drybar, they have different hair styling choices that are named after your fave alcoholic bevvies, like the “Southern Comfort” which is big voluptuous curls, or the sleek and smooth “Manhattan.” Anyway you like it, they give you a nice wash and style.

While your stylist is washing (i.e. massaging) your hair, they’ll let you know which products they are using – in case you decide to become obsessed with them and purchase them on your way out (we couldn’t leave without the Triple Sec texturizing spray!)


As I sat enjoying my blowout, I was given three different kinds of Chateau St. Michelle Wines – the first, the Dry Riesling 2015, which was paired with a crab cake and a vegetarian spring roll. I couldn’t participate in the crab cake, because you know, death and stuff, but it was delicious bouncing off the flavors of the spring roll with it’s dry citrus notes. It was said to go perfectly with Asian spices, and boy were they right! Yum!


Next, I had the Eroica Riesling 2014, which was paired with a curry chicken wonton. Normally, I’m not one for curry, but this little bite of magic paired with the wine changed my mind. This one was said to go well with Indian spices, and again, they were so right.


Lastly, my favorite of the bunch was the Harvest Select Sweet Riesling 2014. Paired with the tiniest dainty little poached pear and brie tart. This was the stand out of the evening – and no joke, I would have eaten the entire platter of tarts and about 700 bottles of the wine to go with. I didn’t want to be the pig of the party, but I did seriously think about smuggling a few tarts in my purse…

All in all, the evening ended with a full tummy, a great head of hair, and a cute little bag that said “Everything happens for a Riesling,” meaning I guess I’m hooked on Riesling for a Riesling now. (See what I did there?)


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